Monday, January 27, 2020

Carpe Diem

You've probably heard that phrase before.

It's one of those Latin phrases that people repeat (oftentimes not exactly sure what it means).

In general, "carpe diem" means "seize the day" and more to the point "seize the moment" as you literally will never get another the same.

I'm inclined to think "seize the moment" has a lot to do with "let go, let God" so you can fully appreciate and enjoy "the now" living.

This idea might sound a it tricky because from the time we're born, plans are being made about our life.  From the very moment of birth, as grow up, go away from home, get a job and get on with our life, there are plans being made or in the making for and about our life.  Nonetheless, no one can plan "this very" moment of your life; which is exactly about the unique, one and only "the now" experience expressly for your life.

I think phrases like "carpe diem" survive and thrive because the message translates the important message of mindfulness as we live, learn, and step forward on the path of progress and peace.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Free Money

What would you do if all of a sudden you were given some "free money" without any strings attached?

Any self-help guru, motivational speaker, and most new age positive speakers will tell you,
You know you are rich and embrace the truth that all your needs will be supplied on time and in full.” (And if the person you "follow," isn't saying some form of this, perhaps you will consider finding another positive speaker to follow).

Because I f you're waiting for money to fall out of the skychances are it ain't going to happen.

This was the talk I had with self as I headed for the local coffee shop where I could get one of those expensive, overpriced coffees everybody drinks these days. Every so often I think of stopping there, but refuse to pay “that much” money for a coffee (especially as I’m not even into coffee like that). However, I decided today “free money” day. I “claimed” a corner two seat bistro table, put my magazine on the little iron rod table and placed my shawl on the back of the little iron-rod chair to denote the standard coffee-shop signal… “Someone is sitting here and will be back” so find somewhere else to sit and sip your overpriced coffee. 

And then the moment of truth came, I unfolded the bill I had crumpled into my pocket,
straighten it out and looked down.

It took a moment to pull myself together; because instead of holding the $10.00 bill I thought I had folded into my jean pocket, I was holding $20.00. Free money! I was rich! I must have looked crazy, standing there holding the $20.00 as the young maybe high school Barista gleefully asked "May I take your order?"

Back at the little bistro table in the corner where I’d left my magazine and shawl, I sat with my “dibby-do-bibby” too expensive, overpriced coffee drink. I smiled and looked out the window at the people, puppies, and poppy flowers blooming; mindful of my “free money” blessing.

Mindfulness encourages us to pay attention. And in doing so, we receive many gifts. Some of these gifts are calm, better balance and improved health; which are in fact like “free money” we don’t know we have at hand. Another gift of mindfulness is the practice helps us step forward on the path of progress and peace.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Perfect Peace

Peace is perfect!

It’s a statement often shared by an old friend.

And it seems like common sense.

No discussion worth debating.

And yet, sometimes I'm reminded that "Peace does not mean you are calm when everything is quiet, but your ability to be calm when there is noise."

Unfortunately, there are those times when I'm forced into a situation of drama, unrest and too much noise, which I too easily allow “perfection” to fall away.

It can be disappointing. However, I’ve learned the best way to recover balance and restore peace is to return to mindfulness. 

I believe in affirmative statements like “peace is perfect” to help create a better world community.  In accordance, we each must do some part toward "being peace."  That is to promote and sustain “perfect peace” in a less than perfect world Some days our part may include forgiveness or charity or kindness; most days all these and more are needed toward a world of peace.

The good thing is that mindfulness is part of being and doing our part toward that perfection; taking a step forward on the path of progress and peace.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Picture This

How do you handle second guessing yourself?

When the way you picture the truth isn’t the same as someone else's picture of the truth what happens?

Do you agree to disagree? And let the picture stand as separate truths?
Do you engage a heated debate, with the hope of assisting the other person see the “real” truth as you picture it?
Do you accept it as an opportunity to be a teacher or student when the way you “picture this” is different?
Inevitably, the way we picture this or that, our viewpoint, the truth as believe it to be will be challenged.

A funny story comes to mind when I remember being very excited about a new product I purchased. Only to be told by a precocious niece that it wasn’t “new”- it’s not even bigger than the one you had before, she replied with disappointment. Interestingly, I was a bit taken aback, my excited was shaken and in all truthI was bruised by her inability to see the “new” product as new. Granted, it was the same product, but it was a different model. Which was not the picture my niece saw. In my effort to correct her view, I explained it was “new” because it was not the same “old” one I owned. I guess she followed some of that logic, nevertheless, she was steadfast that it was smaller than the other version. 

Hummpf! I thought, “from the mouths of babes” that’s the way she sees it. 
There are times when the way you “picture this” will be different than the way someone else will “picture this” while viewing the identical thing. And in those instances you may choose to take a stand, teach or learn (or some version of all). In any event, the way you “picture this” (or that) can be an opportunity to gain insight as we take the next step on the path to progress and peace.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Share of Grace

I am a spiritual being, living a human experience, blessed by grace and as such I strive for kindness, a higher consciousness, and being an instrument of peace.

Most of the time I knowbelieve and with all my heart embrace this alternative, new thought, mindfulness of  "being a spiritual being..." as the truth.

Of course we all have our fair share of grace. This means we each get the grace we need, when we needed and always in full measure.

And then there are those days I want to request more than "my share of grace" as though "grace...God's love" is limited or has limitations. 

Grace is unlimited!

I cringe with reproach during times when the human experience over shadows the spiritual being.  And then I get reminders of "my share of grace" when realize others are having a more challenging time.  Likewise, recognizing "my share of grace" can come in the form of a friend's call exactly when I need it most.

In those times when my spirit is being more human, I need the proverbial tap on the shoulder as a mindfulness reality check that I will always have "my share of grace" for every step on the path of progress and peace.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Zig, Zag...


It's too bad the word Zeal is all the way at the end of the alphabet because it such a magnificent word! Maybe it has something to do with saving the best for last.

Zeal is all about energy. Zeal is about letting go. Zeal is about making a move. And sometimes when we’re stuck, it’s just about moving, getting up from where we are (stuck) and going over there.  Sometimes when we don’t know how to move to the next step, where to point our body or even what the next best step is that's when we call forthcall for zeal. Hundreds of biographies will confirm that the next best step wasn’t always as clear cut as it looks in hindsight. Likewise famous, rich and well known people will confess they just decided to follow zeal to their next best step.

Every aspect of our living requires we do the next thing; if we don’t, we die. As human beings I think we forget or don’t know that most of our lives won’t move in a straight linear path, we all zig and zag our way. In additionhuman beings have the option of having fun in the process of living; every so often a little zeal is the best step on the path of progress and peace.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

In The Face of Adversity



If I had to choose a favorite emoji, it would be “LOL” because Laugh-Out-Loud is such a natural expression. And more importantly, LOL possesses the power to make things better - if only a little bit; which is just the right amount at the right time. You’ve experienced the fun, the joy, happiness the change that comes over your whole self when you LOL, laughter is a natural modifier.

Such memorable old movie frames pop up when I think about laughter and the power it has to change the dynamic of the moment, our state of mind and modify the way of the heart. In particular, I picture The Mad Scientist, who having created a monster against humanity, is pursued into a corner and pushed up against a wall. Then literally and figuratively trapped, The Mad Scientist with nowhere to run and no way out, instead of breaking down and crying; in denial of defeat, in opposition to seeming limitation, in a fight against failure opts to Laugh-Out-Loud in the face of adversity. Even as I write, I’m visualizing that LOL scene and I Laugh-Out-Loud. Clearly, even the thought of LOL can change things, if only our state of mind, it's usually for the better.

Sometimes the thing that can help us feel better in a bad moment, or in the face of adversity and even tragedy, can be as simple as a smile, a hug, and even laughter; perhaps the louder the better. As the world becomes more complex, many of us are gravitating toward the natural and options such as prayer, mindfulness and laughter are taking root as the next right step on the path of progress and peace.