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I don't know whether it’s illegal or just bad.  I do know it has potential to cause destruction. Sometimes it’s almost like I want to be in the same seat as the other person.  It’s too close. Oh, I’m a good driver.  Thankfully I’ve never caused an accident.  But this word... "tailgate"came to mind when I tried to pinpoint the cause of the heavy heart that wouldn’t lift.  Tailgate.   Notably, I don't like to drive - and have recall of driving "tailgate"  - still the principle seems to fit. You see, if I’m not mindful I can be one of those people who sees my life through other people’s rear window - and that’s never the best view. No matter how close I get, looking at my life through other people's lives is never going to be healthy. In fact, it’s such a distorted perspective it’s destructive.  I can crash or more to the point crush my own heart.  Fortunately, most of the time I don’t drive my life (and never drive a literal vehicle) so as to tailgate. Min