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Maybe the acting is bad. Maybe the Director of Photography didn't get the lighting perfect. Maybe the plot was absolutely implausible. So what! And maybe if  Steele Wool  would have had half the budget of one of those failed superhero serial films (especially those of the last decade); it might have succeeded where those films flopped. Yes, a budget of $200 million dollars might have made this indie movie “better” for some; those unable to see beyond the “indie film” label to its success. In this dark comedy, a deaf wife (Cameri Valera as Wool) gets rid of her abusive husband without getting caught. When the leader of a professional assassination group finds out who interfered with their hit and their payment, they make her an offer she can’t refuse. As it turns out, Wool is excited to take the deal and without checking, she ropes her old ex in as her partner for her new gig as a professional assassin. Yes, the plot is a bit tangled, but so were movies such as “Get Shorty” and “Pul


  A walk in the park and I thought, “Oh, yes!  That’s why they call it a park!” and “Oh, yes, That’s why they call it mindfulness!” Where would we be without parks?  In a vacant lot?  Trying to walk leisurely over rocks and boulders?  Holding the breath passing filthy landfills, instead of breathing in fragrant lavender of a park garden?  As I strolled the park one early morning, taking in the green of the grass, the tall trunks of the trees, the beautiful colors and fragrance of the blossoming flowers, I realized not only why we have parks, I felt how important it is “to park” our mind.  That is to go to the park, to be in the park , to park a nd just be.   The concept that comes to consciousness is “stop and smell the roses” (or any other flower that might be in your space).   Mindfulness, I thought, is also be an opportunity “to park” - a time to stop, focus on breath and embrace awareness. In the still presence of my park experience came an insight and simple truth about the nature


 If it works like magic ... why do it?  Why not do something that works quicker and yields more fun like bar hopping? Why not just get a prescription? If something is bothering you, the quicker the relief, the better is the general reasoning. Why bother with mind exercises when you can take something to make you feel better in an instant...poof! Like magic - what ails you is gone. It's a legitimate question and the answer  is simple: We have a choice. Mindfulness is an option, optional, and for a great many people a healthy alternative. I'm not a doctor and have no medical training, so I refrain from saying mindfulness is a healthier choice. Nevertheless, the move towards healthy alternatives continues to gain momentum. Moreover, because we're all becoming smarter about self-help as well as self health, more options like healthy diets, regular exercise, meditation, yoga and mindfulness are becoming "the" choice alternative. Mindfulness is a practice, and practice


The Jack-in-Box is a jolly old toy. It’s also a simple toy. For some reason - still unknown to me, the picture of a Jack-in-the-Box popped into my thoughts. I pictured the first time experience of a person when "The Jack" pops out of that box with the big bright red dots, a painted on clown face, a bulb nose, a wide smile, and a funny red top hat. Surprise. Joy. Laughter. Either and all of these might be part of that experience; and the unexpected shift that occurs when what’s inside pops out. Mindfulness as a daily practice can also create an unexpected shift; opening us to better balance. Like the proverbial Jack-in-the-Box, waiting inside (our selves) is an opportunity to spring forth. Chances are a picture of The Jack-in-the-Box isn't how most people visualize mindfulness. And yet, the awareness we experience through the daily practice can uncover many things we might not otherwise see. Mindfulness is old and simple. And with daily practice you might be surprised at w