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“I’ve been on the path for a while.”   I vividly remember my first true spiritual teacher sharing this as I sat in a conference trying to figure out whether connecting with that spiritual community was a good thing,  The fact is, I was terrified that I was crossing some forbidden boundary that I feared being struck down sooner, rather than later.  The spiritual community was so different from what I had known and been taught growing up that I thought I would be breaking a  law, becoming a sinner, heading for down into the darkest depths, never to return to safety.  And that was the issue, the problem, the torment because even though I felt such a sense of upheaval, never in my life had such truth touched my heart. Which is why I knew this too was the path. It’s over a decade and now when I reflect on that meeting, I  smile at the wise, patient, unbiased counsel my spiritual teacher gave.  I smile because I remember thinking,  How can you know all this stuff...we’re practically the same


Parents are amazing people! I am absolutely mystified how they do it. There are so many elements, aspects, challenges to being a parent. Incredibly, it's practically a "learn as you go job" from the moment of conception. Oh sure, there are plenty of "how to" blogs, vlogs, podcasts, books, manuals, classes and time-honored resource of your own parents (soon to be grandparents).  Yes, it's true "It takes a village to raise a child" yet ultimately when everyone goes home to their hut, house, apt ..."the" parent is responsible to parent. In pondering the enormity of being a parent, I realized how wonderful it would be if part of that responsibility is to teach mindfulness practice at a young age. The benefits would be bountiful, the most obvious sharing a practice with your child that can help keep them in balance for a lifetime. These days five-year olds know how to download an APP, why not know how to upload mindfulness? Mindfulness is a si