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The word "fix" can easily be associated with words like repair, regenerate and restore.  However, “a fix” more often than not means a technique that employs masking tape, crazy glue or in TV Land chewing gum for “a fix” in jam.  Consequently, it's understood that “a fix” is not something you want to repeat.  In fact, to repeat “a fix” may cause a permanent break/breakdown. I always want to remember, to understand, to explain that mindfulness is not "a fix" to what ails our thoughts or disrupts our life.  A practice, unlike "a fix" requires sustained, ongoing commitment to benefit.  Mindfulness is a simple technique of quiet, stillness and focused breathing that can help restore your balance through awareness of the here, now present moment. The intent, purpose, direction is forward as we create better balance on the path of progress and peace. If you would one day renovate yourself, do so from day to day.  Confucius


Comedians are pretty brave people. They get up in front of bunch strangers, oftentimes in places far from home, and tell jokes that nobody may laugh at, leaving the comedian looking lost and feeling awkward (so I've read). Likewise, I've heard it said that Hecklers make a bad experience even more challenging, especially during those sessions when nobody finds the comedian funny. It's got to be tough, being among strangers with no support. That's why I say comedians are brave and why I sometimes fantasize about being a comedian. It's not the accolades, the applauds or even the nominal fame that some Comedians reach.  Its being brave, being committed and the continued practice on good and bad days. There's a presumption that comedians (like clowns) are unhappy underneath the jokes (the makeup). The assumption is that comedians (clowns) hide behind funny to keep from crying. The perception may be cliche, although there have been several real life tragedies with com


  Vivid or morbid?  Like so much it depends on how you look at the thing. I was thinking about how I don't watch certain types of movies because I have such a vivid imagination. Then, I thought, maybe vivid is the other side of morbid. This train (trail) of thought actually came about reading a discussion by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn on "Appreciating Where We Are" in his book entitled  Fear.  In this section, he asks us to consider being shipwrecked on the moon. No chance of getting back to Mother Earth. What would the astronauts want most? What would you want most? That answer is to be "here"...on Mother Earth.  It would be the precious moment of the astronaut's life...just to be "here" in the moment. The allegory is a powerful one, which is what got me thinking about my imagination. Imagining be lost, shipwrecked on the moon, never to see Mother Earth again, nor family, nor friends, nor an apple. My mind began to dread the thought and I r