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One An open heart liberates you to love. Two Love opens possibilities. Three Loving is being open to infini te possibilities. S ometimes, something happens to cause imbalance.  You are hurt. You withdraw.  You shut down.  You close your heart.  Sometimes it can hurt so bad you just want to close the door to pain.  I know.  You must find a way to be open; because when you close your heart, you block the flow of life, light and love. Dance, bake, build, meditate, sing, sculpt, compose, color, paint, pray, travel, teach,  film, fish,  run a race, walk a labyrinth, write, hug a pet, keep a friend's what you will, just be open to love. 


One Each of us has a gift. Two Your gift is worth sharing. Three Sharing your gift will be a reward to others and yourself. Maybe you've heard it said before, "Sharing is caring."  However, if that doesn't work for you, know that sharing your gift (your talent) will yield rewards you never imagined. It's true, this follows another axiom that giving is better (or at least) as good as getting. Even children on the playground recognize this (on a basic level) that "When I share, I can make friends. I am doing something nice. I feel good when I share." Still even those of us who understand this positive principle may be reluctant to share, held back by some misunderstanding that only certain kinds of gifts are needed, appreciated and/or rewarded.  The Truth is each of us has a gift (note I didn't say special gift) to share. It doesn't  whether we are a professional, amateur or simply have a natural talent. Your gift may be that you are good with chil


One We are born to grow. Two Growth is a process. Three Growing is blossoming. Every living organism experiences growth. The growth of a coffee bean may look different from lettuce growth. A whale's growth looks different from that of a butterfly. Human being growth looks different from plant growth. Yet, there the truth stands that all living organisms grow.  It's what we were born to do.   However, we don't all grow in the same way, at the same time or within the same time frame. You've heard the phrases "He's a big kid," or "She's too big for her britches" or "I wonder if you will ever grow up." There are many more along the same line, and some less than kind and not so cute about the stage, time and or manner of growth of an individual. Granted there are some specific markers that help us know that our growth is making progress. Nonetheless, it's important to understand that growth is  a process for each individual.   Of cou


courtesy of One Love from the inside out. Two Center your mind, body, and spirit from the inside out. Three Joy springs from the inside out  we need to learn, to do, be to "Live Your Best Life Now"  comes from the inner side of self.     We see the head first and know the brain does all the thinking, as well as most of the talking.   Indeed, the head can talk a good game and rarely stops except in our sleep  (and then we may consider the talk of dream).    In fact, it is the brain that does  such a  great job of keeping us alive,  well and out of trouble from day to day. However, the head is the surface.     The heart is the inner side of self where love begins, lives, and glows. The inner side is our emotions, desires and deeper consciousness. The heart is the inner side of self and  Truth at its most authentic.   Everything you need to learn, to do, to be to "Live Your Best Life Now" comes from the inner side of self because it's your