Maybe the acting is bad. Maybe the Director of Photography didn't get the lighting perfect. Maybe the plot was absolutely implausible. So what! And maybe if Steele Wool would have had half the budget of one of those failed superhero serial films (especially those of the last decade); it might have succeeded where those films flopped. Yes, a budget of $200 million dollars might have made this indie movie “better” for some; those unable to see beyond the “indie film” label to its success.

In this dark comedy, a deaf wife (Cameri Valera as Wool) gets rid of her abusive husband without getting caught. When the leader of a professional assassination group finds out who interfered with their hit and their payment, they make her an offer she can’t refuse. As it turns out, Wool is excited to take the deal and without checking, she ropes her old ex in as her partner for her new gig as a professional assassin. Yes, the plot is a bit tangled, but so were movies such as “Get Shorty” and “Pulp Fiction” which were career defining indie movies — in a good way — for everyone involved. And to this point, maybe those who couldn’t see beyond the low budget of Steele Wool have forgotten about "successful" movies like these which are at the core were cooky, implausible, laugh-out-loud, dark comedy precisely because they didn’t have the bells and whistles budget.

During its 103 minutes Steele Wool gives some big laughs worthy of the price of a movie ticket. I won’t say there's something intentionally cerebral behind the convoluted plot, although in life, as a rule I thoroughly enjoy seeing beyond the apparent. If nothing else, I love the idea of having a dream, vision, concept (like E-mc2) and following it through with or without those who are able to see beyond life as it appears.

The intent, purpose, direction is forward as we create better balance on the path of progress and peace.

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