If it works like magic ... why do it? 

Why not do something that works quicker and yields more fun like bar hopping? Why not just get a prescription? If something is bothering you, the quicker the relief, the better is the general reasoning. Why bother with mind exercises when you can take something to make you feel better in an instant...poof! Like magic - what ails you is gone. It's a legitimate question and the answer  is simple: We have a choice. Mindfulness is an option, optional, and for a great many people a healthy alternative.

I'm not a doctor and have no medical training, so I refrain from saying mindfulness is a healthier choice. Nevertheless, the move towards healthy alternatives continues to gain momentum. Moreover, because we're all becoming smarter about self-help as well as self health, more options like healthy diets, regular exercise, meditation, yoga and mindfulness are becoming "the" choice alternative.

Mindfulness is a practice, and practice requires commitment. The benefit of mindfulness won't manifest a magic cure for what's bothering you. The benefit of mindfulness as an alternative to a "magic fix" is to help manifest better balance in a healthy way. Through focused breathing and awareness of the now, present moment.

The intent, purpose, direction is forward as we create better balance on the path of progress and peace.

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