"The stars invite what is impossible to comprehend..."  
is a quote from a wonderful book I've been reading created by Elizabeth Murray.  Indeed, "Life in Full Bloom" is a beautiful blend of picturesque photography, gardens, art and poetic wisdom.  In perusing the book I'm reminded of the passion, courage and love that brings authenticity and truth to art.  In these creativity there is an almost indefinable joy, faith and peace. So for most artists, and in particular speaking for myself, it's no small nightmare to lose this creative balance.  Mindfulness practice can be a way back to center.

The steps of mindfulness practice are simple: get quiet, be still and focus on breathing to release tension and move towards awareness. This technique allows the mind to let go of angst, blocks and creative disruptions that cause imbalance.  Mindfulness invites possibilities with the awakening appreciation of the here, now, present moment.


The intent, purpose, direction is forward as we create better balance on the path of progress and peace.


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