Sounds like a magic incantation.  In actuality it's sanskrit for “mountain pose” which reflects the rooted position of your feet providing a strong foundation.  Tadasana is a primary yoga pose which establishes the grounding for other poses.  The pose begins as a way to evenly distribute your weight between the right and left sides of your body to help settle and center and your body for a solid foundation.  Yoga, like mindfulness, is about helping you create better balance.

I really appreciate the way my yoga instructor explains the yoga poses in terms of how to position the physical body, the sanskrit meaning and how the practice helps to center.  It’s no coincidence that both yoga and mindfulness have many similar expressions, although techniques are different.  The practice also helps to establish a foundation through quiet, stillness and focused breath.  In doing so mindfulness establishes a steady standing to invite awareness and create better balance in now, present moment.

The intent, purpose, direction is forward as we create better balance on the path of progress and peace.

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